March 11, 2016

4 Things To Look For In A Home Security System

The FBI estimates that a burglar happens every 18 seconds and around $2,185 is lost in an average burglary. It’s stats like these that make home security systems very desirable. In fact, multiple studies have shown that burglars avoid homes with security systems.

Things To Look For In A Home Security System

When shopping for a home security system there’s an overwhelming amount of options. To help you sort through the mess, we made a checklist you can use when shopping for security systems.

  • Licenses– Make sure the company you pick is properly licensed in your state. There’s actually a lot of state regulations security companies have to follow. Background checks for employees, installation guidelines, and monitoring protocol to name a few.
  • Entry points– Obviously, you’ll want to cover as many entry points as possible, but sometimes this isn’t cost effective. If you have 4 exterior doors and 25 windows in your house, getting an entry sensor for every door and window will cost you an arm and a leg. In this case, a motion sensor and glass break sensor might do the trick.
  • Monitoring style– Traditionally home security systems use a landline to communicate with police and the security company in the event of an invasion. However, burglars have started catching on and might cut the phone lines before they enter the home. Now some companies have started using cellular signals or broadband signals to communicate. Using cell or broadband might make your monthly fees go up, but it is safer.
  • Bells and whistles– Technology is getting more and more advanced and security companies are now offering complete home automation services like thermostats, lights, cameras, and locks all controlled from your smartphone. None of these add-ons make your home more secure, but they can make your life more streamlined.

Home security systems offer peace of mind, and most home insurance policies offer a discount for having a security system. This discount isn’t much, typically around 10%, but it can help offset the cost of the system a bit. We hope this checklist makes shopping for security systems easier for you. If you need home insurance we can actually do the shopping for you. Let us call all the companies and find the best rate for you.

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