June 13, 2016

Insurance Changes After Getting Married

Insurance Changes After Getting Married

Getting married is one of the biggest life changes you can make. After you say your I do’s, there’s plenty of work to do. You might to need to change your name, driver’s license, living situation, social security card, and let’s not forget about insurance.



If you have a life insurance policy before getting married, you’ll most likely want change your beneficiary to your new spouse. This process isn’t too hard, just call your agent and inform them of the change. All you’ll need is your spouse’s personal information and a few signatures.



Once you’ve decided which car insurance company to go with, gather the car info and add your spouse’s car to your insurance or your car to their insurance. As long as you both have good driving records, you’ll probably get a discount for bundling both cars with the same company.



Compare both health insurance plans and see what your best options are. Some plans will charge an extra fee for covering a spouse who can get covered with their company’s health insurance plan, so it might be cheaper to stay on separate plans.



Just like life insurance, make sure to designate your spouse as a beneficiary of any disability insurance you have through your employer or a private third party.

Your life will be in a whirlwind after getting married and insurance often falls through the cracks. It’s probably not the most exciting part of getting married, but it is important.  

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