April 21, 2016

Me, My car, and this DUI


my my car and this duiEveryone has a general knowledge of the negative connotation and consequences of getting a DUI, but most are ignorant to the effects on your driving life afterward. Driving is a privilege, and after getting a DUI, driving can become more of a hassle.

Getting a DUI is like reinstalling training wheels on your bike: you have all these extra embarrassing precautions to make sure you’re not endangering yourself and others.


What counts as a DUI  in Oklahoma?

In the state of Oklahoma, a DUI is defined as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The legal blood alcohol amount in Oklahoma is .08%, but here’s the kicker, a BAC under .08 can still result in trouble because it’s considered driving while impaired.


Let’s see what you can win!

A DUI can get you a new wardrobe to wear at an extended stay resort. By wardrobe I mean one or two orange jumpsuits to wear while you serve a sentence in jail. Your DUI can also be paired with your very own soccer mom to chauffeur you around while your license is expired for months.

Lastly, you have the opportunity to receive a fancy car accessory known as an ignition interlock device, which is way better than an auto starter!


Rest assured your car insurance will absolutely change.

When you get a DUI on your record, it’s almost guaranteed that your insurance will change in some form or fashion. Insurance agencies aren’t excited about insuring drivers with risky DUI’s on their record.

One DUI will either get your policy dropped faster than a hot potato, or your insurance rates will sky rocket. While you might drive a Tonka truck, on paper you’ll be paying insurance for a brand new Porsche. There are also special papers known as an SR22, which prove that you are financially responsible and have the amount of coverage that the state says you should have.

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