March 13, 2017

PIP Insurance, a necessity?

PIP Insurance

When you’re looking at Tulsa car insurance policies, you might come across something called personal injury protection and wonder if it’s something you need. While there are many policy options that are nice, but not ultimately necessary for everyone, it can be difficult to determine when something is actually worthwhile. In order to help you make a decision regarding personal injury protection policies, we’ll go over what they cover and under what circumstances you should consider getting one.

First and foremost, personal injury coverage is designed to be an extension of your Tulsa car insurance. If you get into an accident, personal injury coverage is what will cover your medical expenses, or any lost wages you might accrue from time spent in the hospital. While your car insurance will protect your car in the event that it suffers damage, personal injury coverage is meant to protect you in the event that you suffer damage.

One of the most important components of personal injury coverage is its “no-fault” clause. This simply means that personal injury coverage always takes effect, regardless of whether or not you were at fault for the accident that occurred. This also means that you don’t have to worry about extenuating circumstances preventing you from getting the protection you need after an accident. It also helps to ensure that people don’t need to go through lengthy lawsuits to afford the medical treatment they need.

Since personal injury coverage is typically more expensive than regular car insurance, you might still be considering if it’s worth the investment. Depending on the state you live in though, you might not have a choice. For example, in Oklahoma, personal injury coverage isn’t mandatory, but it is nevertheless available. Given how comprehensive personal injury coverage is, it’s highly recommended that you try to fit it into your budget, if at all possible. Since it provides so much protection in the event of an accident, you’ll be significantly worse off if you don’t have it than if you keep it just in case. Even the safest drivers can get into an accident eventually, so it’s better to keep you and your family protected than to expose them to an unnecessary risk.

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