May 5, 2016

The 5 RV Commandments

The 5 RV Commandments

When you own an RV you belong to club of fellow RV owners. This club is easy going, but it does have it’s own culture and a few rules to keep in mind. Breaking these rules won’t get you thrown out of the club, but it will get you a few nasty looks thrown your way.

  1. Share the site- Always be mindful of other visitors at the campsite. It’s fine to watch TV and play some music, just make sure you don’t cause a scene. Campsites are meant to be enjoyed by everyone there.
  2. Pick up Poop- If you bring your pets along for the ride, be courteous and pick up after your pet. Nothing ruins a campsite like a minefield of pet droppings.
  3. Light it Up- Stringing up some lights is a calling card for a true RV veteran. Putting up personal touches give a warm community feel to the site. Just make sure your lights and decorations won’t keep others from stargazing or sleeping.
  4. Don’t be Shy- Most RV owners love saying hello, swapping stories, and getting to know fellow travelers. So get out there and meet your neighbors. Baking some cookies is a sure way to be everyone’s favorite neighbor.
  5. Watch the Kids- After being cooped up on the road all day the kids will be dying to stretch their legs. Campsites have plenty of room to burn off some pent up energy, just keep an eye on the kids so they don’t get into mischief.

If you follow these rules, this RV season will be the best one yet. There’s a few other tricks you’ll pick up along the way, but these 5 are a great start. At All American Insurance we love to hear stories from the road and keep RVs safe with our RV insurance policies.

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