May 18, 2016

Staged Car Accidents: What You Need to Know

Staged Accidents


It might sound like a strange way to spend a day, but there are people out there that purposely get into as many accidents as possible everyday. Why? They want the insurance, and possible lawsuit money they get from the accident.

These people are pros at what they do and they easily take advantage of an unsuspecting driver. The FBI estimates that staged car accidents cost the insurance industry more than $20 billion each year.

There are a few basic types of staged accidents every driver needs to be aware of.

    • Swoop and Squat– Probably the most common staged accident. The driver will quickly pull in front of you and then slam on the breaks, causing you to rear end them.
    • Sideswipe– As you’re turning left in a two lane turn lane the driver in the other line sideswipes your car and then accuses you of drifting into their lane.
    • Merge and Mash– A driver will give you a wave singling that you can merge on the highway in front of them. Once you begin to merge they hit your car and claim you improperly merged.
    • Stop and Go- After coming to a full stop, you carefully proceed through an intersection. Another car waiting at the stop sign punches the gas and rams into your car. When the police arrive they claim you ran a stop sign.



In order to pull these tricks off, a planted eye-witness who will confirm that you’re at fault is often used. These tricks can cost you some serious cash, so be aware and follow these tips to spot and avoid staged accidents.

  • All the passengers complain about back and neck pain
  • The injuries seem more severe when talking to the police or insurance agency
  • Other witnesses come out of nowhere to backup the other driver’s false story

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