September 22, 2016

Which Type of Cars Come Under Classic Car Insurance?

It’s no secret that finding Tulsa classic car insurance can be a bit of a headache. What qualifies as a classic car? How do I find classic car coverage that’s right for me? As one of the most trust insurance providers in the market, we believe that it’s important for our clients to be properly educated on the different types of insurance. Through this guide, we hope to give you some insight into classic car insurance, as well as what to look for in an effective Tulsa classic car insurance policy.

What is Classic Car Coverage?

Anyone that has spent a sizeable junk of time restoring a car understands that a classic car’s value extends beyond its price tag. There’s an emotional attachment to these machines and no one wants to see something irreparably bad happen to their favorite car. We understand the value of a true classic, which is why we’ve gone to great lengths to provide car owners with classic car coverage. Through this coverage, we can offer additional protection on classic cars and ensure that their costs will be covered if anything unfortunate should happen to them.

What Qualifies as a Classic Car?

When talking about classic car insurance, the most important thing to distinguish is the difference between a “classic car” and an “antique car.” Despite being used interchangeably in many circles, they actually have two very different meanings for insurance purposes.

For our purposes, an antique car is defined as any car that is older than 25 years. A classic car, by contrast, is simply any car that is perceived to have additional worth due to its value as a collectible beyond the value of its parts.

In order to determine whether a car is an antique or a classic, or to even determine if it’s valuable enough to be a classic in the first place, we have a team of highly trained appraisers that make a fair and thorough evaluation. Once we’ve made a determination on its value, we’ll work with you to come up with a policy that you’re comfortable with.

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