August 15, 2016

Types of Insurance Covers All American Offers

Insurance covers

At All American Insurance Tulsa, we have positioned ourselves as the one-stop-shop for all of the insurance covers that you could potentially need. In order to help you become more acquainted with our services, we have broken down our insurance covers into four broad categories: auto, homeowners, personal, and commercial.


Our auto insurance is comprised of both car insurance and classic car insurance. With standard car insurance, you can customize your coverage to get the package that’s right for you. Classic car insurance, on the other hand, involves an appraisal process that we have designed to be as fair as possible. Our passion for classical cars means we take their protection seriously. Of course, it’s also worth mentioning that despite being called All American Insurance Tulsa, we also offer our services to the greater Oklahoma area.


Under the homeowners insurance umbrella, we offer insurance policies for condo insurance, renters insurance, landlord insurance, and vacant property insurance. While our renters insurance won’t cover the normal wear and tear of everyday living, it is incredibly useful for helping to overcome natural disasters or theft. In addition to personal property coverage and liability coverage, we also help pay for families that are temporarily forced out of their home due to any damages caused by a fire or other disaster.


Under our personal coverage, we offer protection to customers that have expensive hobbies that would otherwise be difficult to take care of if something tragic happened. This includes ATV insurance, boat insurance, motorcycle insurance, and RV insurance.


Although we’ve pointed out to the many ways we help people to protect the things they love, we also do extensive work with businesses to protect their interests as well. This includes many “commercial” versions of the same policy types that we offer individuals, including commercial auto insurance, commercial property insurance, and general liability insurance.

If you’re tired of shopping around to different providers and are eager to have all of your coverage easily located at one place, then look no further than All American Insurance Tulsa. We have decades of experience, a commitment to customer service, and a history of excellence.

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