May 27, 2016

The Ultimate Road Trip Checklist

Ultimate Road Trip Checklist

Summer won’t officially be here until June 20th, but school is out and the weather is sure to warm up any day now. One of the great American pastimes in the Summer is loading up in the family car and hitting the open road for an annual family road trip.

Before you start herding the kids in the minivan, take a second to go over our ultimate road trip checklist. Hopefully it’ll help you avoid a few classic road trip faux pas.

  1. Maintenance–  Before the rubber meets the road, take your car into the shop to make sure the oil is changed, tires are rotated, AC is cool, and the engine is ready to go. Nothing ruins a trip faster than smoke billowing from under the hood.
  2. Roadside Coverage– Even the most thorough check up can’t account for flat tires or unexpected fender benders. Emergency roadside help is offered through a lot of insurance policies, but if you’re not covered through your policy you can buy it through a third party like AAA. Roadside assistance plans are very affordable and they can come in handy if you’re in a tough spot.
  3. Phone Chargers- Possibly the most important item on the list. When you’re on the road your phone is your entertainment center, your GPS, and your hotline in case of emergency. Stock up on phone chargers for everyone in the car to keep everyone docile and entertained.
  4. In Car Entertainment– Playlists and CDs are great for a while, but a diversity of entertainment options will make the drive much more enjoyable. Pick a podcast series and binge listen. Serial and Radio Lab are both super entertaining and borderline addictive. If podcasts don’t do it for you, try telling riddles or solving situational puzzles.
  5. Snack Time– Buying treats on the road can get expensive fast. Grab a cooler and a snack bag and save your cash for the final destination. When making your snack selections don’t underestimate the mess certain snacks can make, especially if you have kids in the car.


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