Classic Car Insurance

Restoring an old rusty junker to its former glory is more than a hobby, it’s a passion. At All American Insurance we’re passionate about classic cars too.

Classic cars, antique cars, bought at an auction or pulled out of a junk yard, we’ve got policies for everything. Although they’re sometimes used interchangeably, the terms “classic car” and “antique car” mean two different things.
Classic Car Insurance

Here in the good old US of A, an antique car is generally defined as a car over 25 years old. While a classic car is an older car with enough historical interest to be collectable and worth preserving rather than scrapping.

True car lovers know this and so do we, which is why we offer separate policies for each car.

First, we make the appraisal process easy and fair. Next, we shop for policies that give you the flexibility to store or drive your car the way you want to. As always, we do all the shopping so all you have to worry about is where to drive next.