Landlord Insurance

More and more people are becoming landlords these days. With mortgage payments staying low, it’s easy to get some extra cash by renting a house instead of selling it.
Landlord insurance

Having income properties is a great side job, but you do assume a fair amount of risk. Having someone else live in a home that you own means you need to reassess your insurance policies.

A standard home insurance policy is designed to cover an owner-occupied home. When you throw renters in the mix, everything changes.

Landlord insurance or rental dwelling insurance, is a separate policy landlords use to keep their rental properties safe. There’s typically three options available for landlords.

DP-1– The most basic option. It covers rental homes for common issues like vandalism or fire.

DP-2– A stronger policy that covers homes for perils that are named in the policy. These perils can include damage from weather, fire, vandalism or even collisions.

DP-3– The broadest of the three. This policy covers the home for just about any peril that isn’t excluded from the policy.  

All American Insurance has partnered with landlords for more than 30 years, and we are dedicated to keep their rental homes safe.