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Common Auto Insurance Discounts in Tulsa Oklahoma

Auto Insurance discounts

Auto insurance companies will offer discounts on your premium depending on what discounts you may qualify for.  Knowing these options are good tools to have when talking to your insurance agent to ensure you are receiving all the possible available discounts.

  • Good Driver Discount - If you have a good driving record, you should be getting the discount automatically.  You may also get a discount if you’ve been with a company for a number of years.  Therefore, it’s usually best to stay with that company instead of always switching to get this additional discount.
  • Good Student Discount – if you have a young teenage driver on your policy, it will increase your premium amount.  Make sure to ask for a good student discount which can alleviate some of the cost.  Many times you can also get a discount if the teenage driver does a driver safety course.
  • Multi-policy Discount – when you add more policies, like homeowners or renters, to your account companies will give additional discounts. 

Contact All American Insurance to see if you are currently getting or are available to get any of these discounts.  We can also discuss if there may be other discounts that you can be available for. 

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