Condo Insurance in Oklahoma

Condo Insurance in Oklahoma

Once you’ve started living in your Oklahoma condo, you assume the condo owner has all the insurance covered.  However, that may not be the case.  Usually the insurance the condo association carriers is covering the building, maintenance and common areas.

But who is covering your property?  A personal condo insurance policy would cover your belongings due to damage like flood or fire. 

Most condo’s have 2 separate policies – 1 for the building and 1 for tenant.   The master policy is kept by the condo association and covers the building structure from damage & liability.  It’s good to get a copy of this policy if you don’t have one to be aware of what is covered.  The personal condo policy covers your damage in case of fire or flood.  Your property and living expenses would be under this type of policy. 

You may also consider extra coverage like an umbrella policy or separate flood and earthquake coverage.  The umbrella coverage can protect you in case of a lawsuit against you and/or the association.  Flood and earthquake may not be included in your condo policy, so you may need to add these separate coverages.

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