Home Insurance Coverage in Oklahoma While On Vacation

Home Insurance Coverage in Oklahoma While On Vacation

When preparing to head out the door for vacation there are a lot of things to remember. Whether you are going on an extended getaway or maybe just a relaxing weekend, you need to make sure that your home is secure. Keep in mind, that regardless of you not being home, you are at risk for whatever occurs on your property. To determine that you have the coverage you need on your home before you leave, give your All American Insurance agent a call. Here are some items to remember before making that call:

Take Insurance with you on vacation

Homeowners insurance policies in Oklahoma do more for your home than just protect it. Your personal belongings are also guarded when you are away. If your property is stolen from your rental car, lost on the train, or taken from your hotel suite, there is coverage on your home insurance policy.

Vandalism or break-ins

If your home is vandalized while you are away, any damages and the structure would be covered under your homeowners insurance policy. Standard home insurance policies also provide personal contents coverage; however, it only provides coverage up to a stated limit. If your home was broken into during your vacation and your treasured items were taken, you may not have the coverage to replace them. Having a conversation with your agent ahead of time about covering valuables such as collectibles, fine arts or jewelry could save you heartache later.

Hiring a House-Sitter

If you decide to have someone you trust look after your home while you are away it will automatically offer a peace mind. It is also important to keep in mind that while having a house-sitter may prevent a break-in or vandalism, you are still liable for them while they are on your property. What if the house-sitter accidentally falls on loose flooring? You would be liable. What if they accidentally cause a fire? You are liable. It is always proactive to talk over if any extra liability insurance through an umbrella policy that may be beneficial to you.

Liability Concerns

As stated above, even when you are not home, you are liable for everything that happens on your property or inside your home. Discuss the proper liability limits for you and your family with your agent today!

Your vacation should be a relaxing time! Talk with an All American Insurance expert about limits and proper coverages on your Oklahoma homeowners policy, as well as any other policies to may need to add into your portfolio.

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