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Important Questions for Oklahoma Business Owners to Ask Themselves

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Business owners have the responsibility of protecting their investment. At All American Insurance Agency, we can help you protect your business assets so all the time, money, and effort you spend in building your business will not be lost. Asking the right questions when choosing your insurance provider is important.

What types of policies does my business need? Our agents can help you evaluate the risks involved in running a business. Policies can be purchased separately or bundled to include General Liability Insurance, Commercial Property Insurance, Commercial Auto, Worker’s Compensation, Product Liability Insurance, Professional Liability (or Errors and Omissions), Crime Insurance, or Business Interruption, just to name a few.

What are the coverage limits? The coverage limits determine how much will be paid out if your business suffers a loss, after your deductible has been paid. Our agents can help you make sure your limits are enough to cover an unfortunate event.

Which risks are covered? Most policies cover accidents or damages that occur as a result of using goods or services sold by your company. They protect your business if you are sued for injuries or damages and can be designed to cover the additional costs of attorney fees or court costs.

What will happen to my business when I retire, if I become disabled, or if I die? Call All American Insurance Agency and we can help your with this or any other questions you may have.

Asking the right questions and doing the necessary research is essential so you are not putting at risk everything you have invested in your business. Call our office and come in and sit down with one of our agents at All American Insurance Agency and we will help make sure your business is properly protected.

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