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Important questions to ask your Oklahoma insurance agent

Insurance agent

When evaluating your insurance needs in Oklahoma, there are some questions you may want to consider asking when talking to your independent insurance agent.  These questions will help when purchasing your insurance and the policy life.

  1. How much insurance do you need?  Your agent can explain the best options for the amount of coverage you may need and where there may be gaps in your insurance portfolio.
  2. How does personal umbrella work?  A lot of families are underinsured and a personal umbrella policy can help fill in those gaps from traditional home and auto policies.
  3. Is credit used in rating?  Your agency can explain how your credit may affect your policy rates and coverages.
  4. Do claims affect my policy?  Take time to understand how submitting a claim on your policy will affect your rates & what a claim my do to your policy.
  5. What happens if I cancel?  Ask your agent to explain the procedure and effects of a cancellation or non-renewal of your policy.

Contact the agents at All American Insurance if you have any other questions or need clarification on certain items in your insurance portfolio.

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