Oklahoma Flood Insurance Facts to Know

Oklahoma Flood Insurance Facts to Know

1.  Flooding is one of the most common types of insurance loss in Oklahoma.

Flooding can occur either by heaving rains or over flowing rivers in Oklahoma, so making sure you’re protected is vital.Flood damage can also be very costly, so having the right coverage from an agent you can trust is a must.

2.  Flood Insurance is necessary even in low risk areas.

It’s a common misconception that you don’t need flood insurance if you’re in a low risk area.  The National Flood Insurance Program estimates 25% of flood claims are in low to moderate risk areas.

3.  You need flood insurance even if you have a homeowners policy.

A standard homeowners insurance policy in Oklahoma doesn’t cover loss and damage due to flooding.  If you just have the basic home coverage, then you’re probably not covered properly for flood damages.

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