Save on Home Insurance in Oklahoma

Save on Home Insurance in Oklahoma

Everyone wants to save money.  Whether it’s by clipping coupons, cooking at home more or trimming a few dollars off the insurance bill. Homeowner’s insurance is one area that’s surprisingly easy to save money.  Just follow these four steps.

1. Bundle - Virtually every insurance company offers discounts for bundling home insurance and car insurance. When customers have multiple policies with the same company, it makes billing and management much more efficient for the company.

2. Raise the Deductible – This tactic is a bit risky, but if you’re not afraid to roll the dice it can pay off pretty well.  Most homeowners go with a $500, but by bumping it up to $1,000 you can potentially save hundreds over the years with lower premiums. By increasing the deductible you can save around 10% on your premiums.

3. Loyalty - Some experts will tell you to shop around every so often and see if there’s a cheaper policy out there. There’s nothing wrong with kicking the tires on a few new policies, but before you jump ship call your agent. Make sure to ask if there’s a loyalty discount waiting around the corner for you.

4. Security - Getting a home security is a great way to shave a bit off your monthly bill. If you’re going the extra mile to keep your home safe from fire and vandalism, insurers will reward you with a discount on premiums.

Helping clients save money on home insurance is what we do best at All American Insurance. If you’re in the market for a new home policy give us a call and we’ll give you quote in about 5 minutes.