Secure your Oklahoma Property with Earthquake Insurance

Secure your Oklahoma Property with Earthquake Insurance

Earthquakes are happening more often today and you need to make sure you are covered with the proper Oklahoma earthquake insurance.  To provide your family with the resources and the financial capacity to recover or rebuild after a quake, it’s best to obtain earthquake insurance on top of your regular homeowners insurance.

It’s important to note that an insurance policy for earthquakes is usually not included in your regular house insurance policy.  Since the process involved with earthquake claims is typically more involved and costly, you will have to pay an additional premium to get this coverage.

Earthquake insurance premium rates tend to vary depending on several factors.  If you’re in a higher risk region, premiums may be higher.  Costs also include the age of the home and the materials used in the building of your home.

At All American Insurance, we can evaluate your earthquake insurance needs and provide a competitive quote.  We can make sure you have the right coverage for your region so that you are assured you are protected.

Earthquakes can strike anytime; and the repercussions they carry are anything but simple. Protect your home and your family today by getting earthquake insurance. Contact All American Insurance in Tulsa today or get an instant quote to choose the house insurance policy that provides the most comprehensive protection for your home.