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Suit up for Winter in Oklahoma

Winter weather for employees

Now that winter is upon us, it is time to get your home & property ready for the winter weather.  If your employees work outside, there may be additional risks you will want to be aware of to ensure their safety. 

Here are some steps to prepare for winter safely:

  • Keep an eye out for winter storm warnings
  • Be prepared to take caution if there is a winter weather advisory
  • If there is a frost or freeze warning, make sure your employees & your property is prepared
  • Make sure each employee is adequately closed for those cold temperatures
  • Plan work in pairs to share some of the load and avoid exhaustion
  • You may consider providing warm food to consume if they are working in extreme weather

Keeping employees safe during winter and other seasons should always be your number one priority.  At All American Insurance, we can evaluate your business risks to make sure your business & employees are covered in all weather conditions. 

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