Why Have It Year-Round Boat Insurance

Why Have It Year-Round Boat Insurance

Typically, most people in Oklahoma take their boats out for fun in the summer months and have them docked or in storage during the winter months.  So some clients ask if it is really necessary to have boat or watercraft insurance year round. 

Your boat or watercraft may not be entirely safe when it is docked or stored, especially if this is outside in the conditions.  Depending on where you keep your boat in the winter months, vandalism or damage may still occur.  You must also consider the fact that if someone is hurt around or on your boat, you could be liable as well.

What does boat insurance cover?

Boat or watercraft insurance in Oklahoma is similar to car insurance coverages.  Liability covers when you’re responsible for an accident and physical damage protects your boat from claims like flooding, fire or vandalism.

Other coverages include collision when you run into something, uninsured boater and the equipment you may store on your boat. 

Contact one of our boat insurance specialist to see if you’re completely covered all year round.

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