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Workers Compensation Insurance in Oklahoma

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As in most states, workers compensation insurance is required in Oklahoma.  As a business in Oklahoma, you need to make sure you have the right work comp coverage to protect your employees and your business. 

Here are some factors when looking at your work comp policy:

  • Claims – a determining factor in premium costs is the past claims on the business and the cost of these past claims made by the company.
  • Risks – if there is a high risk of work related injuries, your policy will be more expensive.  Making your workplace as safe as possible is a good way to keep costs down and a better rate on coverage.
  • Employees – the number of employees is the main factor in cost.  Since each employee is covered under workers compensation insurance, the number is the main determining factor in cost and coverage.

Let All American Insurance do a risk analysis of your business and your work comp needs to find you the right policy for the right price.  By having a safer workplace environment, you can cut costs on your workers comp policy in Oklahoma.

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