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Commercial Vehicle Insurance Myths in Oklahoma

Commercial Vehicle

Your Oklahoma commercial vehicles are what keep your business running & knowing the facts about their insurance is essential for you to be protected.
Myth:  You must pay your premium up front.
Fact:  Many insurance companies let you pay a small initial payment and continue with installments.  This may leave funds available for other expenses throughout the year.
Myth:  You may cancel your insurance during the off-season.
Fact:  You may not save money in the long run by cancelling your policy in the off-season.  Your stored vehicles won’t be covered and most carriers offer off-season coverages during the off-season.  Most companies also ask for proof of continuous coverage to get you the best rate.
Myth:  Your employees are covered.
Fact:  Some carriers only extend coverage to employees specifically named in the policy.  Make sure your policy has permissive use so all your drivers are covered if they have permission to drive the vehicle.
Contact us at All American Insurance to answer any of your other commercial auto insurance questions or to shop around to make sure you have the best coverage at the best rate.   Sometimes you may save money by having different coverages for your business insurance needs.

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