Oklahoma Commercial And Business Insurance Trends

Oklahoma Commercial And Business Insurance Trends

You’re business insurance policy may not renew this year but you may want to start thinking about your coverages for the new year and do some risk management planning.  In Oklahoma, choosing the right commercial insurance plan may be confusing, but here at All American Insurance Agency, we have the agents & programs to fill all your business insurance needs.


Factors including sales, payroll, equipment and property values may have changed over the past year, so it’s good to analyze these to see if your premium may be effected.

Cyber Liability

This continues to be a hot topic in today’s world especially with all the data breaches.  Many small businesses in Oklahoma have a risk for a cyber loss, so you may want to consider evaluating whether you need to add this coverage to your insurance plan.

Employee Benefits

In today’s political climate, if you’re offering employee benefits, it’s best to know which coverage options may have changed in the last year.  Our agents can also help consult on the different benefit options and how they may change in the coming year.

At All American Insurance Agency, we can design a specialized package according to your budget, liability and benefit needs. We are proactive in identifying factors that may increase your premiums or change your risk, and provide insurance and risk management options to protect your business.